Sunday, January 6, 2013

YOUTUBE - Chicken Owie

Chicken Owie
a read-a-long song.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Here's the story. I got a new video camera so I will be vlogging again sometime in the near/far future.
Remember when I used to make videos? Well, I'm back at it. My wife and watched this... 

This was when Mallory and I were first dating. It was fun to watch it and be all nostalgic. I don't need a video to remind me how fun my wife is but it was still fun to see it. I'm a lucky man to have her and I'll get up some more videos soon with more of her in it so you can all see how amazing she is.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deviant Art - My doodles

I like to scribble and doodle.
Now, I like to scribble and doodle and put those things online.
If you want to see more of my cool doodle scribbles like this one... then go see my online portfolio dealio.

This is my deviant art page.

Yes, my artist name is Nomyug. Yeah, it is actually pretty cool, thanks for asking.

If I find out that you are taking my art and making money off if it and not giving me any... I will honestly come after you.

And I'm genuinely sorry about not blogging very you actually care.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Here's a life update from me:

I got married! Oh yea! April 14, 2011. I would ask if you want to see pictures but I'm pretty sure that all of you people who read my blog are also my friend on Facebook, and I have pictures on there.

It's been so long since I last blogged that I forgot what "embarrassing" story I was going to tell, so I may or may not do that anymore. Boohoo for you who.

My wife and I live in a basement. There is one old man that lives above us -- he's German and his name is Zein.

I have Mark's phone number now. HE found ME walking the sidewalk and told me about a new love story going on with "Marla" and wants to hang out with my wife and I. Pretty sure we are about to be friends. That means one day I'll probably have to tell him all about these blog posts and let him read everything. Small price to pay for hanging with Mark.

I have a new "friend prospect" - She is about 2 feet tall. I Don't have her name yet but I'll try to introduce myself to her next time I see her. Last time I saw her I tried to do it but... something happened and I had to just walk away. My friend Shawn was there, you can ask him about it. ANYWAY: Hopefully next time I blog I'll have a story about introducing myself to the hopeful new friend.

Peace readuhs.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mark in Chemistry - Update

I know two people voted for me to have my next blog be about an embarrassing story. I will do that but first I really just need to get the latest Mark news off my chest and then my next blog will be so embarrassing that you'll probably stop reading half way through...

What has Mark been wearing?
Let us have a look!
I've been taking note of what he's been wearing for the last 8 days of class...

Day 1- White Polo with red and blue lines around collar and sleeves.
Day 2- Green Nike Sweater (He honestly never mentioned a sweater)
Day 3- Navy Blue BYU-Idaho shirt
Day 4- Salmon color button up with a red fleece vest
Day 5- Plaid green button up shirt
Day 6- White button up shirt with brown vest
Day 7- Green BYU-I t-shirt
Day 8- Navy blue BYU-Idaho shirt

Well, well, WELL! Mark has MORE than 5 shirts! HA! I knew it.
Yesterday I saw him walking in my direction on the sidewalk on campus. When I got within about 5 feet of him I said "MARK! Pop quiz! What's my name!?"
All surprised he stepped back a few steps and started whispering to himself "Oh... ooh.. oh.. don't tell me... Peeterrr... no no.. and it's not Jaaaammmeess... Jacob?... No.... umm...."
"It's Nephi, Mark." "OH! Right, Nephi. Sorry, I haven't done my swimming yet today so I'm a little bit out of it" He says as if it's a legit excuse.
Today he actually knew my name though. I didn't even have to tell it to him. He is so close to being my friend. My new rule is that he has to call me by my name 5 times without me telling him what my name is. THEN....he'll be my friend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mark in Chemistry 4

Once again I got to class a little bit early and guess who was the ONLY other person in the classroom? I wish I could say it was some other person but it wasn' was Mark. He was sitting in a different spot yet again. He hasn't seemed to understand that everyone generally sits in the same seats after the first 3 days of school. Everyday he chooses another random spot to sit in and it confuses everyone that usually sits around those seats really bad. ANYWAY, so I went and sat a few seats away from him and I decided to try to say hi to him again. So, I said "Hey Mark!" He looked at me CONFUSED... AGAIN... and said " Oh.... .. ... .. Hi... um, person... I don't... know... your... naaaamee..." I said "It's Nephi" and he said "Oh! Ok, that's easy to remember!" and I said "I don't know, some people have a hard time with it"
So, he is for sure a handful. He is for sure not my friend unless he says HI to ME first next time. I'm not talking to him again unless he talks to me FIRST.
Also, the last two days I've taken note of what shirts he's been wearing. Yesterday was a white polo shirt with blue and red lines around the neck and sleeves. Today, the liar decided to wear a green Nike sweater. He never said ANYTHING about a sweater.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mark in Chemistry 3

Mark didn't even sit by me today. Not even on the same side of the classroom. He's a real piece of work. Once again he acted like he had never met me before by not making eye contact when I walked past him. He really is up to no good at all. He made a comment in class about how much fun the first quiz was and "highly recommended" that everyone else in that class should take it. Why wouldn't we take the quiz? He's just a liar, straight up. So... I've decided to catch him in his ridiculousness by recording the shirts he wears every day. If he comes to class with what appears to be a 6th shirt... then I win and he loses. On top of all of this, there is a girl in the class that has the craziest laugh I've ever heard. The best way to explain it is the sound effect you hear when you're watching the spanish channel and someone slips and falls. Pretty cool laugh right? Yea, I know but it still doesn't change the fact that Mark is a jerk.